businessfriend: a social tool that brings connectivity to the manufacturing sector

Glen White
- Leadership - Feb 23, 2015

The manufacturing sector today is highly connected, tech driven and focused on innovation. Gone are the days when manufacturing factories are all grease, intensive labour and cumbersome machinery; in fact modern manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest technology, software and human-like robots, and are operated with sustainability in mind. More and more brut strength is being swapped for sophisticated data and this change brings with it a greater need for connectivity.

Until now, manufacturers have relied on expensive bespoke tools to share data, information and documentation, but this is about to change. At CES 2015 a new, innovative social network called businessfriend ( was launched to the world – its USP being that it can offer what no other social network can in terms of total collaboration.

businessfriend acts as a business utility with a social identity. Instead of using multiple different applications to accomplish one goal, businessfriend allows you to seamlessly execute all business affairs in one powerful, mobile-first platform with a simple and attractive interface, allowing you to connect and share socially and professionally in a whole new way. For example, businessfriend would allow manufacturing decision makers to share documentation, discuss strategy, make calls and record vital data in one place.

“On any given day, the typical young professional can have as many as five platforms open to get them through their day,” said Glen White, Founder and CEO of businessfriend. “We offer one complete forum that enables constant connectivity for optimal business communications. One mobile app, one desktop, any device - no more juggling apps.”

Key features of businessfriend include video chat, IM, and free VoIP calls, up to two gigs of free Cloud storage, use of its Digidex contact management system, document downloading and sharing, social feed, connectivity to colleagues and peers without sharing personal contact information, easy sign-up and much more.

“We like to say businessfriend is the channel for professionals that are suffering from S.C.S. (scattered communications syndrome),” said Freddie Pierce, VP of Product and co-creator of the app. “We’re providing one place to consolidate all of your current communications, mediums and channels into one easy to use application. You’ll never have to say ‘I didn’t get that email’ or ‘where did that document go’ again.”

Manufacturing executives, decision makers and managers often have to juggle many suppliers, vendors and internal documentation – businessfriend can help by providing a platform to stay connected with the people and professionals that matter most to business operations. Redefining how you interact with your professional and social network, businessfriend makes collaborating with colleagues and peers a whole lot simpler. Instead of using several different apps to accomplish one goal, businessfriend allows you to seamlessly execute all business affairs in one, user-friendly platform.

Download the businessfriend app today to begin communicating, collaborating and connecting. 

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