EXEC PROFILE: Everything you need to know about Takahiro Hachigo, Honda's new CEO

Glen White
- Leadership - Feb 24, 2015

Honda has recently announced that its CEO Takanobu Ito will step aside to become an adviser to the company and remain on the board, while Takahiro Hachigo, will take his place at the top. Manufacturing Global takes a look at the man tasked with giving Honda a much-needed facelift.

  • Before being appointed to the role of CEO, Hachigo was a managing officer at Honda. 
  • He has been described as ‘low profile’ and is little known outside the company. In fact it has been widely noted that Hachigo jumped over higher-level executives at Honda in being named CEO.
  • Hachigo, 55, is a long-time employee at Honda after joining the firm in 1982.
  • During his tenure he has worked in several departments, including engineering and purchasing.
  • He will be the first CEO to not have headed Honda's R&D company in Japan.
  • Hachigo has a wealth of experience in various markets including the US, China and Europe.
  • He has also developed some of the company’s most popular products and spearheaded development of the original Odyssey minivan.
  • He directed the company's American R&D center and subsequently headed Honda's European operations.

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Nolan Rowald    Jul 22, 2015
I have a 2005 Accord that has an intermittent airbag light problem. I have had the car at the Honda dealer in Conroe Texas for approximately one month during which time they have been attempting to correct the problem with Honda's help. To date they have replaced the SRS computer and the engine harness as suggested by the area Honda rep. This shotgunning technique has not corrected the problem. I am of the opinion that Honda needs to step up to the plate and eat the parts and labor costs to date rather than charging them to me for an attempted repair tat they can not complete in a cost effective way. As an aside, Honda now wants to shotgun other parts.