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How AGA showcased British cooking and its brand in China

How AGA showcased British cooking and its brand in China

China has been a rapidly growing market for the British cooker brand despite its heritage as the heart of the English country kitchen. Now is the time for AGA to boost its market share in this vastly different market.

There’s no legacy and brand trust in China as there is in the UK and Europe so the campaign to break into the Chinese market required some fresh thinking from the brand. EastWest PR was tasked with overcoming these challenges and did so through a special event.

The Food is GREAT exhibition held at the British Embassy was a great chance for AGA to show exactly what it had to offer Chinese customers. The approach was direct, allowing the crowds to take part in activities that would let them get closer to AGA and its food.

Exclusive interviews were granted with China Daily, guests to could try AGA cooked food and there was a cookery demonstration too. High profile guests and journalists were in attendance.

In the two days following the event, 10 articles had been written about the brand, further boosting its profile in this new market. The exclusive interview with China Daily gained significant attention.

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