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Critical Manufacturing wins MESA Smart Story Award

Critical Manufacturing wins MESA Smart Story Award

A white paper by Critical Manufacturing entitles Manufacturing Software for Industry 4.0 – Embracing Change and Decentralization has been awarded the MESA’s Smart Story Award.

MESA – the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association – launched its Smart Story Awards in May 2016 to promote the people and IT innovations that are making manufacturing smarter, more sustainable, and more agile.

The results of the winners were determined by the amount of downloads over a three month period, and the white paper itself proved that there is a large gap in understanding how technology can help manufacturers advance to the next industrial revolution.

Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO of Critical Manufacturing, said: “We are witnessing a technological race in the industry like never before. Big industrial countries are investing heavily in Industry 4.0, but companies sometimes get overwhelmed in understanding what data to collect and how to turn them into opportunities.

“This white paper we created provides manufacturers with a good head to start towards defining the solution which allows them to continuously evolve the Industry 4.0 plans on a complete, solid, yet flexible base.”



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