Strata Makes Time, Money and Space Savings in Airbus Parts Deal

- Lean - Jul 22, 2014

Middle East plane parts manufacturer, Strata, has signed a 10-year deal with a Dubai-based company for Airbus A380 components as it continues to enhance its lean and local influence on the sector.

The company currently supplies parts to Airbus A330, A340 and A380 aircraft, and the US$16.5 million deal with Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) will see the treatment of composite materials for the production of flap track fairings outsourced.

Not only will the move see significant savings in terms of timing and production costs, but it will also free up 400 square metres within Strata’s factory, allowing for extra material manufacturing in the future.

Over the past 12 months, Strata has procured nearly a third of its supplies from local companies in a bid to make its supply chain more efficient, and its operations have been rewarded with deals with both Airbus and Boeing towards the end of 2013, totalling US5 billion.

Strata Manufacturing’s Chief Executive, Badr Salim Al Olama said in a statement: “At Strata, we constantly work towards building a local supply chain which will enable us to reduce risks and outsource some of the company’s non-core operations, allowing us to focus more on value added operations.”

Epitomising the strength of the manufacturing industry in the region at present, PCT also plans to bid for A330 parts production as well as Boeing programmes, while also being added to Airbus’s official approved supplier list.


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