British buying habits remain healthy, says JML

Nell Walker
- Lean - Apr 12, 2017

Incorporated in 1986, the consumer products company JML is a household name, found in most major retail chains across the UK and Ireland, plus around 80 international nations. It is well known for its infomercial style of advertising and a 24 hour shopping channel, and its success has led it to recently sell its 100 millionth product.

The business started recording sales just 20 years ago through EPOS, and thanks to its levels of growth, JML expect to sell its 200 millionth product in an even shorter timeframe.

Ken Daly, CEO of JML, believes this proves that buying habits remain healthy in Brexit Britain.

“Since starting as a small family company more than 30 years ago, JML has gone from strength to strength and is now a household name,” he said. “Our 100 millionth UK sale demonstrates the affection with which the British public holds the JML brand, and this affection is a result of all the hard work that the JML team have put in over the years.

“Consumers are more empowered than they ever have been, and the onus really is on us as retailers to play by their rules, and not the other way round. At JML we have managed to maintain an unswerving focus on finding the next consumer problem to solve, and this landmark statistic is testament to the work that goes into keeping up with the ever-changing needs of our customers.

“After all, seven out of 10 UK households have a JML product in their home, and a JML product is sold every two seconds.

“With our ambitious plans to double sales in the next three years, and our investment in the growing range of great products that we are developing, we expect to sell the next 100 million units in a much shorter space of time.”


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