How chocolate manufacturer Mars achieved its ambitious sustainability goals

Glen White
- Lean - Feb 11, 2015

Chocolate manufacturer Mars has reached a milestone in its sustainability mission – all 10 of its North American manufacturing facilities are now certified landfill-free.

The manufacturing behemoth set itself a goal of zero-waste-to-landfill by 2015 – something which it has achieved early on in the year.

Since establishing its waste target in 2007, Mars Chocolate North America has driven an overall reduction of about 4,500 metric tons of waste each year. To achieve this goal, the company focused on three key areas: efficient operating processes, recycling programs for multiple waste streams, and partnerships with disposal vendors and local farm re-use programs.

Mars Chocolate North America’s Henderson, Nevada site marked the 10th and final facility to achieve this milestone.

Next, Mars plans to partner with warehouses and regional distribution centers to adopt similar waste reduction policies to develop a more lean and efficient manufacturing operation in North America and further afield.

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