Morgan project brings jobs to China's manufacturing industry

Nell Walker
- Lean - Jan 11, 2016

Morgan Ceramic Core Technology Co Ltd has partnered up with Yongda Technology Group to open a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China.

The company specialises in high-performance ceramic cores which help create lightweight turbine blades, and other ceramic injection projects. The increased growth in the civil aviation sector has allowed this £1 million nine-month scheme to go forward, and bodes well both for Morgan’s growing customer base and the job market, as the new facility will require around 160 new members of staff.

There was an opening ceremony to launch the project, attended by Dr Pete Raby – Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Advanced Materials – plus senior Morgan executives and guests from Yongda.

Pete Raby told Advance: “This joint venture has created a facility which is ideally placed to serve the developing needs of key industrial sectors in China and further afield. Our partnership with Yongda has been a close and mutually beneficial one to date and will continue to be so as the facility now moves into full production mode.”

With manufacturing appearing to weaken in other parts of China, this joint venture is an important boon for the nation’s technological sector.

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