Xefro and European Circuits to adapt Graphene into innovative heating system

Nell Walker
- Lean - Feb 09, 2016

Xefro has employed the services of European Circuits Limited to design and manufacture the electronics for their ground-breaking heating system. Test systems are currently under trial, but Xefro confidently expects this to be the world’s first commercial heating system using the new wonder material, Graphene.

Graphene has been selected by Xefro for the heating element because of its potential for extremely efficient energy transfer. This is the basis of their expectations of reduced energy costs of up to 70%.

The Xefro heating system will consist of a central heating controller which will communicate via RF signals to a hot water controller and to the various zones, each zone consisting of a radiator or at least one heating element with AC power controller and separate temperature sensors. The user interface for the entire system will be via a mobile app.

All of the electronics for the system have been designed and produced entirely at ECL’s Glasgow-based facility. ECL offers the following services: PCB manufacture, PCB assembly, test, box build and design. It is one of the few companies that can provide this type of integrated service in the UK.

Graphene is being widely hailed as the latest wonder material with limitless potential applications across a wide spectrum of industry.

Why use Graphene for a heating system?

The answer is simple - Surface Area. If we want to turn electrons into heat then we want all of that heat to get out into the room, not to go on heating up the heating material where it is wasted and reradiated inefficiently.


  1. High surface area = generates heat efficiently


  1. Low thermal mass = instant heat, no wastage


  1. High conductivity = electrons travel at 1/10 the speed of light


100% of the electrical energy used by the Xefro intelligent heating system is converted into heat. As a result it is highly efficient, delivering significant energy and cost reductions.


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colin rowe    Apr 20, 2016
Innovative RIP OFF people left thousands out of pocket after Complete Energy Europe who install Xefros graphene heaters are taking huge deposits from the public mainly pensioners to the tune of £3000 to £5000 and then running with the money and not fitting the system . Also ask xefro why their heaters have been investigated by the fire service and trading standards after their heaters almost caused house fires ( search xefro on facebook look at the pictures . Also go on Aspokesmansaid website and see howmany people have been affected . I,ll save you a fortune on your bills DONT GIVE IT TO THESE CONMEN BE WARNED