Autins Group sets up fifth site for new manufacturing venture

Nell Walker
- Lean - Apr 27, 2016

The British-owned Autins Group is setting up its fifth manufacturing site in Europe as part of a venture to bring a new high-performance insulation material to market. Autins makes lightweight thermal and acoustic materials.
The company has taken out a lease on a 47,000 square foot factory at the Birch Coppice Business Park in Tamworth, UK. Solar Nonwovens Ltd., the latest company in the Autins portfolio, will find its home here. Solar Nonwovens will be manufacturing lightweight micro-fibre Neptune at the new factory, using innovative technology brought in from Korea.
As part of a £4 million investment in the site, Autins has shipped over a new high-tech machine from Korea which was transported in 14 containers, arriving at Tamworth earlier this month.
Jim Griffin, Autins Group CEO, believes this is a significant milestone for the company: “We are delighted to have found a suitable site for Solar Nonwovens to start producing Neptune. With such large and sophisticated hi tech equipment, it wasn’t easy to find a unit that fulfilled all our production needs.
“Neptune is a really exciting product offering superior acoustic, thermal and lightweight properties for a range of applications. As the exclusive European suppliers, Birch Coppice will be the only site where Neptune will be manufactured anywhere across the UK and the continent.”

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