Amada Miyachi Europe introduces AWS3 resistance welding system

Nell Walker
- Lean - May 19, 2016

Amada Miyachi Europe has announced the availability of the AWS3 Active Welding System 3, an integrated resistance welding solution that provides process control, monitoring, and quality analysis. The AWS3 can be used alone as a benchtop system or easily integrated into a production line.

The AWS3 Servo Motorised Active Welding System is available in a basic or an advanced version, with built-in remote services capabilities, and can be combined with motor and welding controls. It facilitates integrated process control of all electrical and mechanical parameters, including current, voltage, power, time, force, velocity and position. These systems feature an operating panel, a welding control, a motor control, and one or two weld heads or weld pincers combined into one premium system that enables quick and precise parameter settings. Six adaptive process controls are available for duty cycle, closing time, squeeze time, weld force, process tools and parts conditioning.

Also available in basic or advanced configuration is the AWS3 Pneumatic Active Welding System, which includes an ISQ20 inverter, which controls pneumatic weld heads, pneumatic pincers, or compacting units. It offers automatic calculation and monitoring of critical values, programming of weld power and weld force profiles, as well as static and dynamic process monitoring. Displacement and force monitoring is available as an extra feature in the advanced configuration.

Both AWS3 versions feature an intuitive multi-lingual user interface with an interactive user guide. The option to capture data on board or on a USB drive for storing parameters, system configuration, data logging, screenshots and other features makes the system even more user-friendly.

Remote services allow customers to control multiple devices on-site and enable Amada Miyachi Europe experts to perform maintenance and provide technical service from a distance, minimising maintenance cost and ensuring maximum uptime. 


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