For sale: Bernard Matthews

Nell Walker
- Lean - Jun 30, 2016

Europe's largest producer of turkey products is up for sale.

Bernard Matthews has experienced disappointing results over the last year, partially blaming the rising costs of turkey feed.

The company employs over 2,000 people in East Anglia, UK. The company, rather than approaching its employee union directly, e-mailed staff to tell them that advisors would be looking into prospective buyers. Bernard Matthews hired PwC to do this. 

According to BBC News, Rutland Partners (owners of Bernard Matthews since 2013) Executive Chairman Alan Jamieson said: "This does not affect the internal operation of the business. Neither does it reduce in any way Rutland's support for the BM management team as it continues to strengthen and improve the business following the disappointing results achieved over the last year or so."

The company suffered from an outbreak of bird flu at its Suffolk factory in 2007, heavily impacting the business. It is not known exactly how well the business has recovered in the nine years since. 


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