Technology in the recovery of Britain's manufacturing industry

Nell Walker
- Lean - Sep 07, 2016

The UK's manufacturing industry appears to be finding its feet again post-Brexit, and the nation is finally ridding itself of the shock of the leave vote.


Damian Hennessey, Director at Proto Labs, has commented on the importance of the role of technology and the digital and how they are supporting the recovering sector:

“Digital manufacturing is fuelling innovation across major processes and production methods, reinvigorating the industry and opening up a whole host of new opportunities for UK manufacturers.

“From advances in automation and manufacturing processes, to significant developments in existing technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection moulding, the industry is experiencing an ongoing transformation which is helping it meet rapid customer demand and exceed previous short-term forecasts.

"This increase in the UK’s industrial output is clear evidence of how, rather than declining, the manufacturing industry is set for continued growth.”


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