Autodesk announces comprehensive 3D manufacturing tool kit

Nell Walker
- Lean - Sep 30, 2016

Autodesk has announced the creation of a comprehensive tool kit for 3D manufacturing professionals, called Netfabb 2017. It will enable users to access all the software they could need in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve parts performance on an industrial scale. Design enhancement, manufacturing preparation, and the building of simulation tools are made possible via one common installer and common file formats.

Autodesk has been working towards broadening its additive manufacturing offerings since it acquired Netfabb in 2017, and it has added several new capabilities, including enhanced simulation, optimization, and advanced toolpath capabilities.

Samir Hanna, Vice President and General Manager of Digital Manufacturing at Autodesk, said: “Additive manufacturing is having a profound impact on how manufacturers of all sizes look at product design, production, distribution and economies of scale. With Netfabb 2017, Autodesk has created a single set of industrial tools that help move from design to finished part quickly and easily.” 

Lasse Gistorp, owner and Technical Manager at GT Prototyper, added: “Since we began using Autodesk Netfabb, we’re seeing significant savings on materials costs because we can keep the builds more efficient. Being more efficient gives us more money to put back into the business. It has also made it possible to use our employees’ time more productively, so it’s a better work environment for our people.”

The kit is available to customers as of today.


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