Jaguar Land Rover creates hundreds of jobs by doubling the size of its factory

Jess Shanahan
- People and Skills - Nov 24, 2015

The car brand will double the size of its engine factory in Wolverhampton and is expected to add several hundred jobs to the existing workforce of 1,400.

The rapidly increasing sales from around the world means the plant doubled in size before it was even built and now it’s doubling again. The company says it’s a sure sign of its long-term commitment to the UK market.

50,000 engines come off the production line each year and there are 700 people working on this currently with the other 700 currently being recruited for, hundreds of new jobs are now being added to help increase production and efficiency.

Dr Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, said: "The decision to expand our operations at the site provides a clear signal of our commitment to meeting customer demand for cleaner and more efficient engines, whilst developing the skills and capability that Britain needs if it is to remain globally competitive."

In the last five years, Jaguar Land Rover has increased its workforce to 40,000 by adding 20,000 new jobs, mostly in the Midlands. It’s estimated that for every job the company creates, four are created along the supply chain.

This is great news for the local area as well as for UK manufacturing.

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