The importance of National Women in Engineering Day

With National Women in Engineering Day coming up on the 23rd of June, Tessa Colledge, Engineering Software Programmer at Autodesk, has offered the following comment: 

"It’s important to recognise the contribution women bring to engineering on days like National Women in Engineering Day, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to championing female role models.

"In my work as a STEM ambassador with Autodesk, I see the value in exposing young women to careers once deemed only suitable for boys. Having that personal connection with another female like me, gives young women the self-belief that they can discover a career path in STEM.

"If you have an interest in engineering, I’d urge you to cherish the skills that you want to apply – whether this is maths or problem solving skills. Don’t give up on finding the career where you can use these skills – it’s out there somewhere. Take risks, put yourself out there and explore the unknown.”  


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