Fujitsu Improves ERP Offering for Assembly Manufacturers

- Technology - Jul 15, 2014

Fujitsu’s production management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for assembly manufacturers will now be made compatible with the most modern cloud services, the company has revealed.

FUJITSU Enterprise Application GLOVIA G2 will build upon the company’s experience with more than 1,200 deployments in and outside of its native Japan, extending its benefits beyond on-premise installations by using the NIFTY Cloud service which has already tracked more than 3,000 projects as an IaaS platform.

Use of a cloud-based system provides manufacturers with greater flexibility in their production management operations, delivering a scalable system that can meet changing business needs without necessitating platform infrastructure.

As well as optimising existing IT assets within the assembly manufacturing sector, the use of a production management system can also reduce costs.

GLOVIA G2 Cloud Services works by offering customers use of a web-based console that allows access to NIFTY Cloud resource-management functions for bringing additional servers online, taking them offline, and running backups, giving customers access to a flexible and scalable system that enables fast responsiveness.

Individual customisation is another key feature; the customer able to build a thin-client environment specific to them, using their virtual server in the cloud.

Finally, the system is also able to synergise with existing production management programs to create a hybrid cloud environment, again epitomising the need for progressive, but sustainable moves in the technology space for manufacturers. 


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