BMW uses Google Glass on its vehicle production lines

Glen White
- Technology - Nov 23, 2014

BMW has started a pilot project to test the impact of wearable technology in improving quality assurance of its cars. Workers at the company’s South Carolina plant are using Google Glass to record and document potential deviations in the cars.

The project is a part of the BMW Industry 4.0 campaign, which is designed to evaluate the application of new technologies to provide support to workers in production and production planning.

BMW project coordinator Dr. Jörg Schulte said, “During the term of the pilot project, we are planning to add a video call feature so that a problem can be discussed with the responsible development areas right there and then.”

According to the company, the pilot project has been a success and there are plans to use the technology for the final assembly of series vehicles.

Schulte added, “With Google Glass, the testing staff could stay right at the vehicle, look at the test plans on the device's integrated display and sign them off via voice control. So both hands would be free to conduct the tests at all times.”

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