Microsoft takes its cloud offering to big industry, with help from Fujitsu

Glen White
- Technology - Apr 13, 2015

Microsoft and Fujitsu are the latest tech giants to announce their involvement in the world of IoT – if reports are to be believed, their partnership could help transform manufacturing processes.

The deal aims to bring together Fujitsu’s Eco-Management Dashboard and their Internet of Things (IoT)/M2M platform together with Microsoft’s cloud services and Windows tablets.

Both companies hope that this will help managers, engineers and scientists to improve product quality, streamline systems and enhance functionality whilst also reducing costs.

Hiroyuki Sakai, corporate executive officer, executive VP and head of global marketing at Fujitsu Limited. said: “Leveraging the Fujitsu Eco-Management Dashboard solution alongside Microsoft Azure and the Fujitsu IoT/M2M platform, we are able to deliver real-time visualization of the engineering process for big data analytics to improve the entire production process and inform decision-making.”

The two firms are also developing solutions that will help manufacturing customers to be more productive, as well as deliver quality products.

Sanjay Ravi, MD of discrete manufacturing industry at Microsoft, added: “We are proud to partner with Fujitsu to enable the next generation of manufacturing business models and services enabled by IoT along with advanced analytics capabilities like machine learning.”

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