Affecto: making the connection

- Technology - Oct 29, 2015

Having started around 30 years ago as an IT company based in Finland, Affecto has grown into a regional player with a massively extended offering of products and services, across multiple industries and territories. Having undergone many changes over the years, the company has gained support from an impressive roster of clients and is now the most significant company in its field in Northern Europe. 

Affecto employs just over 1,000 people across its operations in multiple markets and last year posted a turnover of $142 million; we talk to Henri Engström, the company’s Head of Industrial Operations about this success and what Affecto’s focus areas for the future, especially regarding its industrial customers. 


Affecto focuses on very intensely on its customers. The company’s promise is to create unmatched customer experience and customer value through the use of analytics, design and technology. Engström said: “To achieve this, we work with the customer’s entire value network to test and create new business models for extended markets, improve operational efficiency and the way we serve our existing customers.”

The company is structured to focus on its customer’s industries. This drives the ambition of all Affecto employees to become the best industry specialists in their respective fields of expertise.

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