FANUC breaks the world record for industrial robot production

Jess Shanahan
- Technology - Dec 09, 2015

FANUC Europe now has an installed base of more than 400,000 robots, a new world record for the industry.

Reaching this milestone is down to the FANUC R-2000i and LR Mate series, which are the company’s highest selling robots, while the CR-35iA – a collaborative green robot – has attracted new attention of customers.

Collaborative robots have brought a number of benefits to the manufacturing plant floor floor, improving efficiencies and the welfare of human workers.

There’s also a demand for manufacturers to embrace the latest technologies in factories, especially in China. This has fuelled the production of industrial robots and has played a major role in doubling FANUC production over the last seven years.

Head of Marketing and Sales Coordination of FANUC Europe, Konrad Grohs said: “Today’s milestone underlines our position as the world’s leading global provider of factory automation and industrial robotics. We’re incredibly proud to have broken the world record and we believe this is testament to FANUC’s longstanding commitment to innovation, and continually pushing the boundaries of automation to increase productivity.

“Over the coming years, we will build on our rapid growth to help even more manufacturers across the world take advantage of the benefits that robotics and automation bring to their businesses. We believe that benefits of factory automation and robotisation will be better recognized also in European plants and will further increase the competitiveness of European industry.”

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