UPS will launch on-demand 3D printing network

Nell Walker
- Technology - Jun 15, 2016

Later this year UPS will launch its distributed, on-demand manufacturing network, linking its global logistical network with 3D printers at UPS stores all over the US in 60 different locations.

All sizes of manufacturing companies will have the ability to access on-demand industrial manufacturing with ease and simplicity, using the Fast Radius website to place 3D printing orders which get directed to the appropriate UPS store location.

By summer, this additive manufacturing and logistics solution will make 3D printing accessible to many more potential users, proving the convenience and cost-savings this technology offers.

Stan Deans, President of UPS Global Distribution and Logistics, said: “UPS is a leader in bringing industrial-strength 3D printing to reality. By building this disruptive technology into our supply chain models, we also bring new value to our manufacturing customers of all sizes. Additive manufacturing technology is still developing rapidly so ‘manufacturing as a service’ is a smart approach for many companies.” 

Rick Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Fast Radius, added: “Fast Radius plans to continue enhancing its production platform and to globally expand its manufacturing capabilities in 3D printing (plastics and metals), CNC machining and rapid injection moulding. With this distributed, on-demand manufacturing network, UPS customers will be able to get their products to market faster and more cost-effectively because parts can be produced exactly in the quantity they need and when they need them. The potential of on-demand manufacturing is here today.”


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