Howden American Fan Company announces new line of extreme environment products

Nell Walker
- Technology - Jun 16, 2016

A leading manufacturer of industrial fans and blowers, Howden American Fan Company, has announced that it is stocking a complete range of Garden City Fan high-temperature product lines.

Garden City Fan is an industry leader in research, design, and manufacturing, with over a century of experience in meeting the challenge of demanding operational temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit found in refineries, ovens, kilns, and furnaces. Howden provides complete after-market service and support for Garden City Fan products, including replacements, parts, and services.

Garden City Fan's line of high-temperature industrial products is ideal for extreme applications and environments. Suitable for use in oven or furnace air recirculation, the fans are a strong choice for steel and glass production, automotive heat-treating, and petrochemical refining applications.

Garden City Fan offers site-specific design and customised performance. Durable high temperature fan products are available in a variety of high temperature fan designs, including radial blade, forward curved, and propeller fans.

Howden American Fan offers accurate and efficient aftermarket support and service, including replacement part support for all Garden City Fan. Service experts can also help customers determine appropriate maintenance intervals and spare parts inventories. Service technicians provide on-site installation and startup service, inspections, and some repairs at customer facilities around the world. Extensive repair services are also available at the company’s production facility.


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