Germany calls for black boxes to be installed in autonomous cars

Nell Walker
- Technology - Jul 21, 2016

Germany is calling for black boxes to be installed in driverless cars.

Carmakers are aiming for new legislation to be passed which will help deal with driverless vehicle accidents.

As reported recently, the Tesla Model S came under scrutiny earlier in the year thanks to the death of a driver while Autopilot mode was engaged. Installing a black box would record all data required to determine the details in the event of collision or technological failure.

Such a device would also know when a driver had their hands on the wheel for manual driving, and when autonomous mode is engaged.

The proposal, currently in its draft stage, will be voted on by the German government in the coming months. Any law that is passed would have a huge impact on the automotive industry, especially in Germany itself, which plays such a large role in the sector.

German car manufacturers VW and BMW, among others, are working on their own driverless cars.


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