VCRs are finally killed off by Funai

Nell Walker
- Technology - Jul 26, 2016

Japanese electronics manufacturer Funai Electric is to cease production on the world's last VCRs.

Production on the VHS tape players will end this month. A spokesperson for the company stated that key component makers are stepping away from helping to create the devices due to a lack of demand, despite the surprising degree of customer demand.

Avid VHS fans can, at least, use the VHS/DVD converter technology that the company is soon to be releasing in order to bring their media up to date.

Funai has created video players since 1983. Amazingly, it manufacturered 750,000 VHS players and recorders in 2015, most of which are for the US market. 

Funai has been the only VCR manufacturer for several years, since Panasonic pulled away from the market. 

The spokesperson added that the company will continue to sell VCRs until stocks run out, and will provide maintenance services for as long as possible. 


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