The Linde Group announces groundbreaking new 3D printing analysis unit

Nell Walker
- Technology - Oct 03, 2016

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has launched the ADDvance O2 precision, a measuring and analysis unit enabling metal additive manufacturers to better analyse and control oxygen levels and humidity within printer chambers.

This technology was developed as a result of a need identified by Airbus, and detects O2 levels up to 10 parts per million within the chamber, modifying the gas atmosphere by adjusting levels of argon or nitrogen. Too much O2 or humidity can negatively impact quality and performance of items bring printed.

Linde has recently opened an industrial gases lab for additive manufacturing near Munich, and the focus of it is to research effects of atmospheric gases and gas mixtures on different metal powders used in 3D printing to optimise various layering processes. Additive manufacturing is a highly sensitive procedure, operating within a closed chamber filled with high-purity inert gas, and the ability to easily alter oxygen levels can have a huge influence on the process.

Pierre Forêt, responsible for additive manufacturing R&D at Linde, said: “Linde has always played a leading role in developing new technologies for our customers in order to improve the efficiency of their production processes and quality of output,” said Pierre Forêt, responsible for additive manufacturing R&D at Linde. “That Airbus Group Innovations selected Linde to work with them to overcome such a challenge in the pioneering area of additive manufacturing is testament to Linde’s technical competence and innovative spirit.”

ADDvance O2 precision will be unveiled at Linde’s stand 121-123 at World PM from October 9-13 in Hamburg, Germany and then at EuroBlech on stand 142, hall 13, from October 25-29 in Hannover, Germany. 


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