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Ingersoll Rand releases new balancer kit to improve productivity

Ingersoll Rand releases new balancer kit to improve productivity

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in reliable and innovative power tools, has introduced a new air balance control kit called Zero Gravity. It increases ergonomics and productivity of working stations in assembly, logistics, and other handling applications. 

The new device is designed to improve high speed precision handling of variable weight loads, then once the load is lifted and stable, Zero Gravity balances it without requiring adjustment, allowing operators more freedom. It eliminates the need to touch any buttons and significantly improves the ergonomics, giving the operator an improved feel of the assembly process and the ability to fit the parts with both hands.

Aymeric Dupont-Franklin, Manager for Engine Starters and Ergonimic Handling at Ingersoll Rand in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, said: “With the new ZeroGravity balancer kit, we complement our solution portfolio and can provide our customers with a complete ergonomic installation from the ceiling to the part itself. The flexibility of the kit allows it to fit specific applications such as assembly or packaging, delivering truly intuitive operation that doesn’t require training.”

Compared to standard lifting systems, the new Zero Gravity balancer kit improves productivity by hugely increasing the speed of the movement to over 60 metres per minute. It also lowers operational and maintenance costs; its design and low consumption of compressed air allows the balancer chamber to be filled only once to complete the entire up and down cycle.


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