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Siemens Takes the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Road in Taiwan

Siemens' demo truck on the road previously in Vietnam

Siemens AG is about to embark on a two-year tour around Taiwan in an attempt to promote its latest advancements in manufacturing technologies to a wider audience in Asia.

The German engineering firm will be carrying out the tour off the back of its new demonstration truck, which is the first of its kind in the region and has subsequently been dubbed the “Future of Manufacturing.”

Around 400 visitors are set to be graced by the demo truck’s presence from July onwards, while academic institutions and training centres are also pivotal parts of the journey.

The demo truck will offer a glimpse into the technologies of the “fourth industrial revolution,” comprising integrative virtual and real manufacturing processes, solutions for integrated products, and support for the industrial value chain.

Erdal Elver, president and chief executive officer of Siemens Taiwan is keen to highlight to customers across the country that Siemens is able to produce technologies unique to local demands and specifications; focusing specifically on making faster, more flexible and smarter product realisation processes from design to mass manufacture.

“Advanced digitalisation and internet as well as the integration of the virtual and real worlds will be the decisive driving forces for modern manufacturing,” Elver said at the launch ceremony.

“It is expected that the fourth Industrial Revolution shall generate new future opportunities for Taiwan's manufacturing.”

Elver was also keen to promote Siemens' advanced industrial automation, control and IT-based technologies and how they can assist Taiwanese customers in overcoming market challenges, increase their productivity and efficiency, achieve sustainable development, and improve their competitiveness on the global stage.

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