C3.ai: revolutionising manufacturing with enterprise AI

Manufacturing Global explores one of the leading enterprise AI software providers C3.ai and examines its manufacturing offering

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C3.ai empowers leading manufacturers to efficiently integrate data from enterprise systems, operational sources, sensor networks and external providers to power machine learning models that generate predictive insights. This helps address important goals such as inventory stock reduction by around 35%, waste elimination as a result of quality defects by more than 20% and creating hundreds of millions of economic value annually for global manufacturers.

The C3 AI Suite is software that uses a model-driven architecture to speed up delivery and reduce the complexities of developing enterprise-scale AI applications. The Suite propels organisations to deliver AI-enabled applications quicker than alternative methods while reducing the technical debt from maintaining and upgrading these applications. The C3 AI Suite has a range of different AI solutions. These include: C3 Predictive Maintenance, C3 Energy Management, C3 Sensor Health, C3 CRM, C3 Inventory Optimisation, C3 Anti-Money Laundering and C3 Fraud Detection.

Some of its use cases include:

Multi-echelon Inventory Optimisation

Access an in-depth view of global inventory levels across individual lines and factories for the entire supply network. Perform scenario planning and root cause analysis, optimise inventory levels and manage suppliers effectively.

Supply Network Optimisation

Solve supply network variability by examining issues and streamlining operations across individual supply chains and collective supply networks. This will allow for scenario planning to be carried out effectively, overall understanding of supplier performance to be improved and better recommendations based on live data.

Yield Optimisation

Scale throughput and product quality by quickly detecting and mitigating emergent process issues. Advanced machine learning techniques to predict downstream product yield issues and work out problematic process steps can be applied.

Price Optimisation

Aggregate sourcing data into a unified federated image to perform pricing analytics and visualisation. Create optimal price estimates for raw materials based on advanced machine learning analysis of previous pricing and expected consumption.

Warranty Optimisation

Proactively alert customers to any potential issues to scale service satisfaction levels and reduce downtime. This will allow visibility of individual components at factory, distribution or customer locations to be intact.

Profitable BOM

Retain a clear bill of materials (BOM) pricing and componentry for highly complex products at every stage of engineering, delivery and after-market. Work out profitability for design, as-built and added components for aftermarket stages.

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