Laura is a Canadian-based freelance business writer with a supply chain focus. She brings with her over twenty years of industry experience in the manufacturing sector and has a serious love for procurement and all things supply chain.

Lean Manufacturing

Laura V. Garcia|Jan 24, 2021|magazine

6 min read

TWI Institute Gains Rights to Toyota Legends Work Methods

Read NowTWI Institute has gained exclusive rights to Isao Kato's standardised work methods and concepts and will turn them into training and coaching programs.

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SAP Hong Kong and Deloitte Help Ease Cross-Border Trade

SAP Hong Kong and Deloitte Join Forces in Easing the Pains of Cross-Border Trade

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 22, 2021|magazine

5 min read

Fanuc; The 3 Key Areas For Boosting Productivity

FANUC’s Managing director, Tom Bouchier, outlines three key areas of focus for boosting productivity and we add our two cents

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 20, 2021|magazine

8 min read

Industry 4.0; Strengthening US Public Health Infrastructure

The FDA moves to leverage Industry 4.0 to help strengthen the nation’s public health infrastructure

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 17, 2021|magazine

7 min read

Top 5 Reasons You Should be Using Digital Work Instructions

Digital, visual work instructions deliver dynamic and up-to-date information to front-line workers for improved efficiencies and smart manufacturing.

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 13, 2021|magazine

9 min read

Ford Announces Closing of Brazil Manufacturing Operations

On Monday Ford Motor announced it will close three plants in Brazil, ending decades of manufacturing in the South American country

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 11, 2021|magazine

5 min read

Automotive Takes a Beating as Sales Slump Thanks to COVID-19

Around the world, auto sales sputtered throughout 2020, producing some of the worst sales numbers seen in years. We round up the numbers

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 07, 2021|magazine

6 min read

With A New Year Came A New Deal, And Many Woes for the UK

Highlighting the key points and implications of the UK’s new agreement with the EU for the manufacturing and supply chain industries

Laura V. Garcia
|Jan 06, 2021|magazine

7 min read

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