FT Future of Manufacturing Summit 2019

Oct 8 - Oct 9 | UK, 200 Aldersgate

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These are volatile times for manufacturers. Shifting geopolitical dynamics, increasing protectionism, changes in trade and tariff policies and the prospect of Brexit are injecting uncertainty and profoundly disrupting long-established manufacturing operations and integrated supply chains.

Against this backdrop of political fragmentation, a parallel shift is taking place leading to increased decentralisation. More and more manufacturing companies are moving from the traditional centralised, large-scale production model to a more flexible, dispersed and closer to the end user approach. Enabled by digital and driven by the need for agility and reduced time to market to respond to customer needs, a new paradigm is emerging which is further pushing firms to more local sourcing and production.

Facing these macro shifts, how are firms optimising their production lines and supply chain capabilities? How are they reassessing priorities and taking a fresh look at their strategies to navigate the current changing landscape? What are the opportunities and challenges in building the resilient, connected, customer centric, circular and innovation-oriented companies that can survive and thrive in the long run?

The FT Future of Manufacturing Summit 2019 - now in its 6th edition - will provide a fresh perspective on the crucial issues impacting the industrial sector today. In this new context, senior business leaders and policy makers will share their insights, ideas and expertise on topics such as collaborative models driving supply chain transformation, human-centric workforce, green manufacturing and tech for intelligent operations.


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