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Small carriers, big savings: Plugging cost leaks in your supply chain with end-to-end visibility

Sep 29 - Sep 29 | Virtual

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Join experts from Sigfox and HERE Technologies at 3pm BST on September 29 as they explore trends in end-to-end supply chain visibility, share success stories and discuss the underlying wireless tracking and location technology that made them possible.­­ 

The misplacement of returnable industrial packagings like trolleys, containers and roll cages can affect your margins every year. Annually, almost 10% are lost or stolen, resulting in expenses, delays and lower productivity.­­

Learn how organizations from postal services to automotive manufacturers have turned this cost leak into a source of cost savings. Real-time insight on the location of returnable packaging (RP) not only helps prevent misplacement and speed up recovery; it can also reduce idle time and boost productive time of these assets. In the end, faster rotations and efficient pick-ups mean fewer RPs are needed for the same volume of operations.­­ It's a seemingly small but powerful example of how more end-to-end visibility is helping supply chains around the world run smoother. 

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