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Debasis Bisoi: building the factory of the future

Tech Mahindra’s Head of Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing Debasis Bisoi on IoT, Blockchain, AI, and the Factory of the Future

John O'Hanlon
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Debasis Bisoi
Tech Mahindra

Head of Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing

As VP in the Manufacturing Vertical, Debasis Bisoi heads Tech Mahindra's digital initiatives, solution offerings, verticalisation, top-line growth and key customer relationships in Aerospace and Process Manufacturing Industry Verticals.

He provides leadership to key alliances in the IoT and cognitive space, ventures and strategic initiatives. Bisoi is responsible for Tech Mahindra’s first and largest and multiple subsequent digital relationships in the Manufacturing Vertical including solutioning, sales and delivery.

His passion is developing and delivering digital manufacturing solutions and strategic initiatives in areas like IoT and the ‘factory of the future’, with an emphasis on aerospace, defence and process manufacturing. “I’m responsible for setting the key directions for these sub-verticals, developing strategic plans, identifying focus areas, improving solution offerings, identifying mid-term course corrections, improving win ratios and developing teams,” he explains. “I also work extensively on mergers and acquisitions and engage in providing thought leadership to our manufacturing clients.” His team has co-authored more than 180 patents and disclosures for these clients, addressing their digital disruption issues and ‘pain points’ with the backing of Mahindra’s many centres of excellence and strategic partners.

He has been instrumental in incubating and growing digital manufacturing, the factory of future, IOT relationships spanning business development, solutioning and delivery, and he was an IOT thought leader finalist in the first IOT Congress in 2016.

Digital transformation can be a minefield for companies large and small, Bisoi acknowledges. “Tech Mahindra has observed that only 30% of pilots end up reaching scale across the entire organisation: that means companies are failing to capture value from 70% of their pilots. We have identified two steps that can help them overcome ‘Pilot Purgatory’. The first is our ‘digital foundry model’. We start with the ideation phase, by identifying all use cases that create value and build PoCs and MVP for cases with good RoI. Only then do we build an agile, product aligned solution for them. Next is to upgrade their factory network infrastructure. A future-proof, scalable, sustainable network architecture is built to handle the data explosion arising from new age digital disruptions.”

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“Tech Mahindra has observed that only 30% of pilots end up reaching scale across the entire organisation: that means companies are failing to capture value from 70% of their pilots.”

Debasis Bisoi | Tech Mahindra

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