Strategy with Aljazierah Home Appliances’ Naiyer Hussain

Naiyer Hussain, Supply Chain Director of Aljazierah Home Appliances, discusses digitalisation of supply chain operations during the COVID-19 era

Naiyer Hussain Hussain
Aljazierah Home Appliances

Supply Chain Director

Naiyer Hussain, Supply Chain Director of Aljazierah Home Appliances, has had a varied career, with new experiences and mentors aplenty. “I started my career back in 1995, as a Management Trainee, with one company owned by Mr Nusli Wadia, a well-known Indian business tycoon. Whilst working there, I learnt the basics of business operations from two of my managers, Mr Khan and Mr Maity. Eventually, in 2002, I moved on. In fact, I migrated to Oman to work for Bahwans. In Oman, I had an excellent opportunity, which I grasped with both hands, to work with Mr Vasuki, who was an adviser to Sheikh Sohail Bahwan, the Owner of Suhail Bahwan Group. In 2011, I migrated to Riyadh to work with Saudi Ceramics Company as Head of Procurement. Later in 2015, I was given the assignment to improve end-to-end supply chain processes and resolve challenges in the supply chain network. At this point, I have to say that I had a great support network in Mr Asmari and Mr Brendan. And then, in 2018, I moved on once more to work with Aljazierah, where I have remained ever since.” 

At Aljazierah, Naiyer has, to date, successfully navigated the adversity of the COVID-19 pandemic, though he was quick to share that it wasn’t without stress. “I am trying to practice keeping calm during times of crisis. As you might expect, I have, at times, been stressed during 2020 ─ I think that’s natural during this period of time.” 

“At Aljazierah, we have implemented a strategy that allows us to keep our production lines running fairly smoothly, avoiding stoppage and decreasing potential downtime. While doing so, it has been important to recognise the reality of the situation and acknowledge that all companies have limitations ─ even ours. The team here makes each crisis into a case study and, together, through collaboration, we fix it so that the next time a similar situation occurs, we are prepared to tackle it.”

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Digitalisation in supply chain is required for improved decision-making capabilities, which allows companies to bridge the gaps across end-to-end supply chain.

Naiyer Hussain Hussain | Aljazierah Home Appliances