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Amgen to develop a $300mn biomanufacturing facility

A biopharmaceutical company is opening a biomanufacturing site in the US

The biopharmaceutical firm based in the US, Amgen, has announced its plans to launch a new biomanufacturing site.

The company will invest approximately US$300mn, as part of its five-year plan for committing $3.5bn in capital expenditures.

Amgen recently made a similar biomanufacturing site in Singapore, and due to tax reform is now able to do so in the US, with the specific location to be finalised by the second quarter of this year.

The facility will be used to manufacture products for domestic and international markets, using the firm’s next-generation abilities.


The construction of the facility is anticipated to create 220 local jobs, with the company planning on hiring 300 people when the facility is operational.

“With strong volume-driven growth for our recently launched products and a promising new product pipeline, we are well positioned for future growth,” commented Robert A. Bradway, Chairman and CEO of Amgen.

“We expect several developments to provide an additional boost for these products, most notably the recent inclusion of cardiovascular outcomes data in the Repatha (evolocumab) prescribing information,” he added.

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