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ArcelorMittal to provide steel for restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris

The leading steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, has offered to provide steel for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris following a fire earlier this week, according to Reuters.

The fire took down the gothic cathedral’s roof and destroyed its iconic spire.

In a statement, ArcelorMittal said: “The company will offer up steel to repair and rebuild the monument.”


The French government has opened up the reconstruction of Notre-Dame to international architects which has led to many asking if the monument should be restored as it originally was or enhanced with modern methods.

ArcelorMittal has an annual achievable production capacity of around 113mn tonnes of crude steel as well as employing almost 199,000 people across 60 countries worldwide. The company is considered the largest producer of steel in North and South America as well as in Africa.