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Boeing confirms opening of its first European site in the UK

The US-based aircraft giants, Boeing, has confirmed the launch of the firm's first manufacturing site in Europe.

The US-based aircraft giants, Boeing, has announced the unveiling of the company’s first manufacturing site in Europe.

The new factory, based in Sheffield in the UK, is set to produce thousands of parts a month which will be shipped for assembly at Boeing’s Portland facility in Oregon in the US.

Following the launch of the facility, it will make manufacture actuation system components for the 737 and 767 jets from raw materials sourced in the UK.

Jenette Ramos, Boeing senior vice president of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations, said: “We appreciate all the community support for Boeing’s new advanced manufacturing factory in the UK. This is a fabulous example of how we are engaging global talent to provide greater value to our customers.”

“In Boeing Sheffield, we are building on longstanding relationships and the region’s manufacturing expertise to enhance our production system and continue to connect, protect, explore and inspire aerospace innovation.”

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With a total investment of $51mn, the 6,200-square-metre building sees the world’s aircraft giants located in the middle of Sheffield’s Global Innovation Corridor.

“Boeing choosing the heart of South Yorkshire as its first European home is testament to our capabilities, talent pool and strong manufacturing supply chains which are vital to job creation and creating value for local economies,” said Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary.

“We are leading the world in UK aerospace manufacturing and through our modern Industrial Strategy, we, along with industry have committed to invest £3.9 billion in aerospace”