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Bombardier set to sell its plants in Northern Ireland and Morocco

The Canada-based aerospace and railway giants, Bombardier, has unveiled plans to sell its manufacturing plants in Northern Ireland and Morocco, according to CNBC.

In a press release, the company said: “As the company moves to optimize its global manufacturing footprint, Bombardier will pursue the divestiture of the Belfast and Morocco aerostructures businesses. These are great businesses with tremendous capabilities.”

There are approximately 3,600 people employed in the Belfast site, with more than 400 more in Morocco.


The aviation firm is set to bring all of its brands, such as Learjet and the CRJ, under one roof and merge “into a single, streamlined and fully integrated business.”

Bombardier confirmed it would continue to work with its employees until a buyer is found.

The statement added:Bombardier is committed to finding the right buyer — one that will operate responsibly and help us achieve our full growth potential.”

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