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Daimler sees 3% increase in sales in first quarter due to success of Maybach model

The automotive manufacturer, Daimler, has revealed a 3% rise in sales during the first quarter as it bucks the trend of a significant downturn in the largest car market in the world, according to Reuters.

Due to the increased interest in ultra-luxury vehicles such as the Mercedes S-Class Maybach, Daimler’s China chief, Hubertus Troska, revealed that demand is over 600 models every month.

“The Maybach it is still going excellent. Demand is more than 600 a month,” Troska commented.


Despite the list price for the model increasing, demand has jumped from an original sales rate of 500 a month. It is expected that China’s move to lower value added tax will help to increase the overall demand for vehicles for the rest of the year.

“I am cautiously optimistic that we can see positive momentum,” Troska added.

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