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Elopak becomes the first manufacturer to produce 1bn renewable cartons

Elopak makes 1bn renewable cartons for beverages

The Norwegian carton production company, Eleopak, claims it is the first firm to have reached 1bn fully renewable cartons for beverages.

Eleopak announced that it has delivered more than 1bn of its PurePak cartons, which are developed with a renewable PE and a renewable feedstock.

The firm introduced new feedstocks for renewable PE last year, now offering two different sources – from sugar cane and tall oil – following a change of supplier.

Tall oil is sourced from responsibly managed Nordic forests, in line with the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification system.


“Reaching one billion fully renewable cartons is a major milestone for Elopak and a great contribution to reducing the use of fossil resources,” commented Marianne Groven, Interim Environment Director at Elopak.

“As a major global packaging company it is our responsibility to continue developing our renewable offering and lower the carbon footprint of our cartons.”

“Elopak will always strive to provide packaging with a strong environmental profile to support our customers’ brands.”

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