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Ford set to test self-driving vehicles in Washington in 2019

Ford has announced a partnership with the Washington DC government to begin testing of autonomous cars at the beginning of 2019.

The US automotive giant, Ford, has confirmed a partnership with the Washington DC government to commence testing of self-driving cars at the beginning of 2019, CNN Business reports.

The company’s self-driving car startup, Argo AI, has begun to map out the city with Washington selected due to its progressive mayor and young population.

Washington is due to become the second city after Miami to trial Ford’s self-driving vehicles, with the company planning to unveil the full service in 2021.

Speaking to CNN Business, Deputy Mayor Brian Kenner said: “With new technology, there's always new opportunities for job diversification and job growth. If we're able through this pilot to create a new pipeline for District residents to fill these new jobs, we're happy about that.”

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It is expected that Ford will operate across the entire city as oppose to just in the more affluent areas of Washington.

As part of the agreement, Ford confirmed it would partner with a workforce training centre in a poorer part of the city in order to help hire new test drivers to monitor the cars.

The city is regarded as one of the most progressive in America and has embraced other transportation enhancements such as dockless e-bikes and scooters in recent times.

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