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General Motors teams up with Starwood Energy to supply wind renewables

General Motors teams up with Starwood Energy

Starwood Energy Group Global LLC has announced a partnership with General Motors.

The two have signed a long-term renewable energy power purchase agreement, whereby General Motors will buy all of the clean energy generated at Starwood’s Northwest Ohio Wind project. It is a 100-megawatt project owned by Starwood located across 12,750 acres of land in Van Wert and Paulding Counties. The project will be completed next year.

EPA calculations show that the Northwest Ohio Wind project will power over 30,000 homes, avoiding the levels of CO2 emissions which would be created by 34,000 homes or 48,000 cars.

Himanshu Saxena, Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Starwood Energy Group, commented:

"Fortune 100 companies such as General Motors have become a key force supporting renewable energy. We are pleased to enter into this partnership with General Motors to help meet their sustainability objectives."

Rob Threlkeld, General Motors’ Global Manager of Renewable Energy, added:

"Starwood's Northwest Ohio Wind project is helping us toward our goal of meeting the electricity needs of our global operations with 100 percent renewable energy. The wind farm is ideally located to help meet the electricity needs of our Ohio manufacturing facilities."