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Infosys to open Technology and Innovation Hub in North Carolina

Infosys to open Technology and Innovation Hub in North Carolina

Infosys, the Indian technology giant which has achieved a global reach, has announced that its new Technology and Innovation Hub will open in Raleigh, North Carolina, hiring thousands of American workers.

The Hub will open early next year and Infosys aims to hire 2,000 staff initially, as part of its wider hiring plan of giving 10,000 people jobs by 2019. It will occupy 60,000 square feet and initially bring in 500 workers.

Governer Roy Cooper said: "Innovation, technology, and education are part of who we are as North Carolinians, and along the course of this project, Infosys leaders have found that to be the case every step of the way. Our top-flight workforce, commitment to education, and exceptional quality of life help businesses of all sizes recruit and retain excellent employees," said Governor Roy Cooper.

"The North Carolina Technology and Innovation Hub is part of Infosys' investment in the future of the U.S. tech workforce and will focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data and advanced analytics, cloud and big data," said Ravi Kumar, President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Infosys.

"The Hub, located in the innovation incubator of Raleigh, will support the development of co-created solutions for our valued clients in North Carolina and the surrounding region. Attracting and retaining a skilled and motivated workforce is crucial to Infosys, and the new Tech Hub-along with the robust training program we are developing with the North Carolina Community College System and proximity to tier-one research universities-will expand Infosys' existing North Carolina network to better serve clients in the IT, life sciences, clean technology and advanced manufacturing sectors."

Raleigh’s Mayor, Nancy McFarlane, added: "The City of Raleigh welcomes Infosys as a key member of our community, further bolstering Raleigh's already strong technology economy, which has seen technology jobs grow at a rate more than double the national average over the last five years. The partnership between our city and Infosys will boost innovation and benefit businesses, schools, and workforce development in the area and we are excited to pursue this work together.”

As part of Infosys's commitment to grow 2,000 jobs across the state, the company is partnering with the North Carolina Community College System to create a customised program designed to train the workforce of the future. 

"Infosys is looking to maximize the benefits of the North Carolina Community College's Customized Training Program,” said Maureen Little, Vice President of Economic Development, North Carolina Community College System. “To that end, Wake Technical Community College is developing a comprehensive upskilling program, in partnership with Infosys, to train the workforce of the future. We plan to include pre-employment training, where candidates experience a short-term realistic job preview, as well as extensive post-employment training that will focus on technical and soft skills. The program will be developed as a joint effort between representatives from Infosys and Wake Tech and will ensure success for the company and the employees," said Maureen Little, Vice President of Economic Development, North Carolina Community College System.

This commitment to education also extends to the company's charitable foundation, Infosys Foundation US, where multiple grants are offered to support classroom technology and computer science. These grants have, thus far, benefitted 4,220 students across 82 schools.

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