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North Florida Manufacturing and Logistics Corridor aims to grow sectors in the region

North Florida Manufacturing and Logistics Corridor to boost industry in region

On 27 February, a consortium of four economic development organisations launched the North Florida Manufacturing and Logistics Corridor.

The consortium includes Great Northwest, Opportunity Florida, the North Florida Economic Development Partnership, and JAXUSA Partnership.

The initiative aims to push growth in the industries across 34 Floridian counties, between Pensacola in the West and Jacksonville in the East, featuring 1.5mn people within the workforce.

The corridor is 362 miles long, and features several major cities, such as Pensacola, Tallahassee, Lake City, and Jacksonville.


The firms plan to generate opportunities and projects within the manufacturing, logistics, and distributions sectors.

By covering so much land and population, the North Florida Manufacturing and Logistics Corridor can focus not only on large, urban cities, but also rural communities.

The project will target 20mn people within Florida and 58mn around the state, and partner with 60 institutions within education with the intentions of progressing future generations.

North Florida is a hub for the manufacturing industry, hosting huge manufacturing corporations such as Boeing, GE, Georgia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson and WestPoint Home.

The north of the state also features substantial integrated infrastructures – deep-water ports, international airports, rail lines, and interstates.

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