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The pursuit of growth with PPC Moulding Services

The pursuit of growth with PPC Moulding Services

When the PPC Group acquired Moulding Services in 2007, the company was small but successful. Today that success is exponential: PPC Moulding Services has grown from 18 to 250 employees, seeing year on year growth and potential ahead as it consolidates itself as a leading player in the medical device market.

Filling potential by finding a niche

A critical element of PPC Moulding Services’ success in recent years has been its focus on development in the medical device manufacturing. The prior industry knowledge of Managing Director Grahame Aston and the quick assembly of a strong management core  has allowed PPC Moulding Services to push forward and rapidly improve its service in the sector.

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“We’ve focused on things that aren’t easy to do—things that not everybody out there does—and we’ve been able to exceed the expectations of those challenges, identifying new technologies and new opportunities” says Aston. “We travel the world to ensure we are up to date with the latest technologies available in injection molding and we’ve been able to keep up with the trends and go beyond them.”

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These trends include everything from automation in manufacturing to new temperature-controlled techniques that allow PPC to work with more exotic materials, working closely with partners like Arburg in Germany for the latest machinery to realize its visions. “By looking at these new technologies,” says Aston, “we’ve been able to extend ourselves into new markets and using more exotic materials that actually see benefits for our own customers.”

To learn more about PPC Moulding’s growth strategy, people management, and the traits that set it apart from the competition, read the full article in the September 2015 issue of Manufacturing Global

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