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South Australia’s Holden Factory could become an electric vehicle plant

Holden Factory could become EV manufacturing site

The Holden factory, a previous car manufacturing site, is apparently undergoing works by the South Australian government.

The government has plans for the plant, located in Adelaide, to be used as a site for manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs).

Sanjeev Gupta, Head of GFG Alliance, has reportedly made an offer to purchase assets from the factory, with a public auction expected to have been due soon.

Tom Koutsantonis, South Australian Treasurer, urges GM – Holden factory owner – to consider the sale to GFG Alliance, in order for the site to be used for EV production.


“We are incredibly excited and supportive of the GFG Alliance’s bid and subsequent plans to ensure the continuation of our very proud history of automotive excellence and innovation in South Australia,” Mr Koutsantonis wrote to GM.

The EVs built in the factory would feature technology developed by a GFG Alliance partner company – Gordon Murray Designs.

The acquisition of the factory in order to make it a EV manufacturing facility could see the resurgence for car manufacturing in Australia.

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