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Toyota celebrates 25 years of supporting other businesses

Toyota celebrates 15 years of supporting other businesses

For 25 years, Toyota’s Production System Support Center (TSSC) has collaborated with over 300 North American organisations to support and assist them with their production, manufacturing, and operations needs.

The business started sharing its know-how with small to medium-sized manufacturers in 1992, swiftly expanding into governmental entities and non-profits – including disaster recovery and hunger relief – and healthcare firms. Due to the success of TSSC, Toyota is now expanding yet further, taking its knowledge-sharing into retail and construction.

"Our years of manufacturing experience have taught us that small improvements in a process can make a big difference — and we've learned that this approach can help other organizations outside of manufacturing, too," said Terry Horinouchi, President of TSSC.

"Through our collaborations over the years, our partners have acquired the knowledge to feed more clients, build more homes, improve quality of care, gain more business, and preserve or even create jobs in North America."

The goal is to equip organisations outside of Toyota with tools for solving operational problems, maximise the resources available to them, and preserve – even create – jobs.

"Toyota engages other organizations with our know-how so that they can build a culture of continuous improvement," said Chris Nielsen, Executive Vice President of Product Support and Chief Quality Officer of Toyota Motor North America.

"We see strong opportunity in organizations in sectors other than automotive or manufacturing, and are excited to see how TSSC can collaborate with them to help improve processes, maximize operations, build more resilient communities, and serve more people."

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