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Whirlpool achieves LEED certification for new building projects

Whirlpool achieves LEED certification for new building projects

Whirlpool Corporation, the multinational appliance manufacturer, has been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification for two of its recent building projects in Michigan.

Riverview Campus, the North American Region Headquarters is now LEED Gold certified for phase 3 of its development, and the Global Headquarters is LEED Silver certified for the south and east wings of the building. LEED is a globally-recognised symbol of excellence in eco-friendly building. These two projects are the 14th and 15th LEED-certified projects for Whirlpool.

Lee Utke, Senior Director of Global Corporate Real Estate, said: "Being awarded additional LEED Certifications is validation of our long-held belief that sustainability is not just important for our business, but a responsibility on behalf of our consumers. Each project represents a continuation of our commitment to designing, constructing, and/or remodelling buildings using sustainable practices."

The Whirlpool projects boast restroom taps with ultra low-flow valves and toilets that reduce water use. Compared with the minimum baseline established by the Energy Policy Act of 1992, the performance of these fixtures results in an estimated 40% water saving for these facilities. General energy efficiency is a priority for the business, with a focus on green heating, cooling, and lighting.

Waste reduction has also been a focus during construction of these facilities, meaning thousands of tons of waste were diverted from landfills and recycled. Even green transport for employees is being promoted by Whirlpool, with bike stations, bus routes, and electric vehicle charging stations available.

The Riverview Campus will serve as an example of green building practices, as well as being a tool to inform and educate consumers and other businesses.

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