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Xiaomi set to unveil 7th manufacturing facility in India

In a bid to accelerate its manufacturing operations in India, Xiaomi has confirmed the unveiling of a new unit which takes its total number of facilities to seven in the country, according to Business Today.

As part of its Make in India programme, the China-based company has collaborated with Chennai-based Flex to roll out the new 1mn sq. ft facility.

With its plan to increase manufacturing in India made public in correlation with the launch of Redmi Go smartphone and Mi-Pay service in the nation, Xiaomi now has approximately 20,000 employees in India with 95% being women.


Following the launch of the new facility, Xiaomi’s production capacity has experienced an increase from two phones per second to three phones per second in India.

With almost 95% of Xiaomi’s phones made in India, Xiaomi is working towards making up the 5% gap in local production and expects to manufacture approximately 99% of the total number of phones sold in India within the country.

The new manufacturing unit will join the firm’s existing plants in Noida, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

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