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Business energy use could be slashed with simple changes, says npower

Business energy use could be slashed with simple changes, says npower

Simple behavioural changes could cut UK business energy usage by over 8,400 GWh, saving around £860 million.


As described by a new report from npower Business Solutions and the Centre for Economics & Business Research, simple ‘carbon psychology’ and easy process alterations could save businesses millions, particularly in the wholesale and retail sector. Administrative and manufacturing come a close second and third for industries which need improvement. Big businesses alone – around one percent of the industry – could achieve 50 percent of the savings.

The UK is being outperformed by other European countries in its energy use reduction, though it has made great progress. The report states that limited industry behavioural change policies mean only around 18 percent of expected energy savings will come from actual behavioural change by 2020, which unfortunately is far lower than is achievable. npower Business Solutions is urging the government to do more to allow increased changes to be made.

Phil Griffiths, a Carbon Psychologist at npower Business Solutions, commented: “There is a huge opportunity for bigger businesses here – and they don’t even need to invest to make substantial savings. The benefits of behavioural change on the bottom line are clear. Energy efficiency improvements result in a more motivated workforce, a positive impact on the UK balance of payments and significant emissions reductions.”


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